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Data Science Professional & Software Developer


Currently a Software Engineer (Data Science) and POD Lead at High Radius Corporation, Bhubaneswar. Skilled in C++, Python, Java, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Web Scraping, Software Development using Python with hands on experience in Web-based Product Development with Java(EE). Willing to be proficient in creating Efficient Models and Algorithms for Software Applications and Products from the acquired knowledge in solving practical problems. Much Enthusiast about contributing to the Open Source Community.
Extra Curricular Skills: Esports Gaming, Taekwondo, Football, Swimming, Art.

  • Name Rahul Bordoloi
  • Date of Birth April 29, 1999
  • College KIIT University, Bhubaneswar (2021)
  • Phone +91-98648-87529
  • Address Guwahati AS India
  • Email rahulbordoloi24@gmail.com
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My Services

AI Implementation

Using Python [Includes Deep Learning as well]

Back End Development

Using Flask, Hibernate, SpringMVC, Struts2

Data Mining and Analysis

Using Python, SQL, Spreadsheets

Front-End Development

Using HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Ethical Hacking

Using Platforms: Kali Linux, Windows

Web Scraping and Automation

Using Selenium (Python), Scrapy, BS4

Other Skills

Python (Programming and Development)

Java (Core and EE)

C++ Programming (STL)

C Programming




ReactJS (Hands-On)


Restful APIs



Spring MVC


Flask Development


Competitive Coding

Computer Vision

Data Mining

Data Analysis & Analytics




Azure ML

Linux Programming

Cloud Deployment

Selenium [Python]


My Projects

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    Sakila Film Project

    Full Stack Project

    Full Stack ExtJs Dynamic Java-EE Film Inventory Project with CURD Operations implemented using MySQL Server, Hibernate, Spring MVC with Struts2.

    Repository Link

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    Rare Label One-Hot-Encoder

    Open Sourced Python Package

    Python Package for Rare Label-One-Hot Categorical Encoder with Threshold Implementation.

    PyPI Documentation

    Repository Link

  • Avatar

    Directory Tree

    Open Sourced Python Package

    Directory Tree is a simple python utility package that displays out the Tree Structure of a user-defined Directory.

    PyPI Documentation

    Repository Link

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    Directory Organizer

    Open Sourced Python Package

    Directory Organiser is an open-sourced python package that scans your folder directory and arranges the files according to its specific file types to its type-specific directories making the directory neat and organized.

    PyPI Documentation

    Repository Link

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    Craiglist Scrapping

    Web Scrapping Project using Python.

    Scraping Craiglist website using Selenium (Python), BeautifulSoup (BS4) to obtain desired results, and storing them off in a CSV for further work and analysis

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    Face Mask Detector

    Deep Learning Project using OpenCV, Keras, Tensorflow and ResNet.

    It is a Mask Detection Program to detect and make people aware of wearing masks and protect themselves during the Corona Pandemic.

    Project Link

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    Open Sourced Python Package

    An Open-Source Python Package Developed for various utilities like fast downloading YouTube videos using CLI etc. More libraries are to be added to ‘R07’ with the course of time.

    PyPI Documentation

    Repository Link

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    AI-Enabled B2B Fin-Tech Management Dashboard for Accounts Receivables

    Full Stack AR Dashboard with Chatbot

    Developed a Full Stack Dashboard Application using React, Node, Java EE, Flask, Restful APIs, SQLServer powered by Machine Learning and Dialogflow                           Fulfillment for AR Management and AI Enablement. (Project for High Radius Summer Internship Training)

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    Bot/Agent which will act as a guide for self assessment of probable risks from corona virus and increase awareness about the pandemic. It answers any type of questions related to the pandemic and also tells you about the pandemic's statistics when asked for. The Bot can be also be asked about myths and rumours related and it also has the capability to mail a detailed report regarding the pandemic to the user.

    Live Built

    Telegram Bot

    Repository Link

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    Enhanced Analytic System for Smart University Assistance

    College Minor Project.

    An integration specific system development based on Agile Methodology to provide an easy solution for “newcomers” in college. It helps to allocate hostel rooms, suggest suitable stream, and provide daily class schedules and pending tasks. Moreover it makes an easy solution to students to do few tasks without the help of their mentors. It aims to ease daily routine queries faced by students new to campus, would ensure the prediction of the professions that can be pursued by aspiring engineering students after completion of course and also help to automate the counselling process.

    Live Built

    Repository Link

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    Traffic Sign Classification

    Deep Learning Project using CNN and Le-Net.

    This Project uses Le-Net (a type of Convolutional Network) to predict type/class of Traffic Sign Provided before it making it the foundation of Self-Driving Cars.
    To Predict : The Type/Class of Traffic Sign Provided

    Project Link

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    Predicting Crime Rate in Chicago

    Machine Learning Project using Facebook Prophet Forecasting.
    The Chicago Crime dataset contains a summary of the reported crimes occurred in the City of Chicago from 2001 to 2017.
    To Predict : Future Crime Rate over a certain period along with its trends and bounds.

    Project Link

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    Movie Recommendation System

    Implementing Movie Recommendation System using Item-Based Collaborative Filtering.
    Recommendation systems are used to suggest movies or songs to users based on their interest or usage history.
    To Predict : Recommend Movies based on User's recently watched Movies' Ratings and Interests.

    Project Link

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    Email/Message Spam Classifier

    Machine Learning Project using NLP
    The SMS Spam Collection is a set of SMS tagged messages that have been collected for SMS Spam research. It contains one set of SMS messages in English of 5,574 messages, tagged according being ham (legitimate) or spam.
    To Predict: If an email/message is spam or ham.

    Project Link

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    Current Portfolio Website

    My Current Resume & Portfolio Website.
    Technology Stack Used : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Restful APIs

    Live Built

    Repository Link

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    Railway Reservation System

    A Basic C++ Project.

    Automation of the Railway Reservation System with the use of Object-Oriented Programming and Data File Technology using C++.

    Project Link

For more Projects, visit my Github Profile.


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My Experience

Work Experience & Internships

  • Avatar

    Associate Software Engineer - I

    (Data Science Engineering)

    HighRadius Corporation

    June 2021 - Present.

    Leading a Team (POD Lead) working on 7+ End-to-End Live Account Projects in Deduction Domain. Responsible for Design, Analysis, Research & Development, and Deployment of AI-Enabled B2B Fin-Tech Applications. General Works involve providing AI-Automated and Enterprise Fin-Tech Solutions to Clients and Deep Data Mining for Improvement in Existing Data. Also, R&D, RCA and Development of DB & Framework Automation Softwares.

  • Avatar

    Data Science Engineering Intern

    HighRadius Corporation

    July 2020 - June 2021

    Worked on 4+ Live Client Accounts in Deduction Domain. Was Responsible for Design, Analysis, Research & Development, and Deployment of AI-Enabled B2B Fin-Tech Applications. Also worked on R&D, RCA and Development of Framework Automation Software.

  • Avatar

    Assistant Manager


    Codepth LLC

    July 2020 - July 2021

    Assistant Manager for Data Science Department.
    Contributing to Data Science R&D Projects and Flask Applications.

    Website : Codepth

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    GirlScript Technologies (YAY - Education)

    June 2020 - July 2021

    Responsible for Teaching in Online Live Classes, Preparing its Syllabus and Content Creator for Python and Machine Learning.

    Credential Link

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    Summer Internship Trainee

    HighRadius Corporation

    April 2020 - June 2020

    Responsible for the Development, Deployment of AI enabled B2B Full-Stack Fintech Application.

    Credential Link

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    Summer Intern

    Bharti Airtel Pvt. Ltd.

    May 2018 – July 2018

    Worked under the Project of "RF Optimization and Network Planning", Bharti Airtel, NESA. Conducted thorough reviews of Tower Antenna operations to devise and deploy improvement strategies, facilitating consistent connection strength. Produced excel spreadsheets and updates with latest information with respect to Google Earth.

    Credential Link

Groups & Organisations

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    Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador
    August 2020 – June 2021

    Learn Student Ambassadors are a global group of campus leaders who are eager to help fellow students, create robust tech communities and develop technical and career skills for the future.

    MLSA Alpha : Certificate Link

    MLSA Beta : Certificate Link

  • Avatar

    Chapter Lead July 2020 – June 2021
    GirlScript Guwahati Chapter

    Managing GirlScript Guwahati Chapter.

    Formerly : Community Manager (June 2020 - July 2020)

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    Member Oct 2017 – June 2021

    Competitive Coding Group: C++, Python.

Certifications & Trainings

Trainings & Licenses

    • Deep Learning Specialization- Coursera (Z9RR3D5655UL)
    • Machine Learning using Python - Udemy
    • Python Programming Track - DataCamp (655EB7FC1D)
    • Certified Secure Computer User (C/SCU) - EC-Council (ECC7409865123)
    • Ethical Hacking with Network Security - Ritusha Consultants Pvt Ltd (655EB7FC1D)
    • Masters in Mental Arithmetic (Senior) - ALOHA (MA/ASS/5508)

Recognitions and Awards

Recommendations Received

Github Activities

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14, Yamini Path, Janakpur, Kahilipara, Guwahati- 19, Assam, IN

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